DVD Evening – Cherry Elvin

Monday 12th August 2013 7pm – 9pm at College Farm Equestrian Centre, Tuxford, Nottingham, NG22 0GT

EC with Cherry Elvin.
Theme – Understanding Flying Changes.
This will be an informal discussion group where by participants can gain knowledge and understanding of the topic using footage from BD competitions.

£10 BD Listed Judges & Members, £12 Non Members inc Associate.

Applications to Vikki Hayton Tel: 01777 870 886. Mobile: 07860 276 578
Cheques made payable to British Dressage

DIY Livery Spaces

We have 2 DIY Livery spaces here at College Farm EC, we’ve always only offered full livery in the past, but we are looking to recruit 2 DIY liveries. Lots of assistance, reasonable rates, good facilities.

Tel. 07860 2176578 or 01777 870886

Aimee and Martin’s Wedding Saturday 18th May 2013

Aimmee and Martin WeddingThis is the second family wedding we’ve enjoyed at All Saint’s Church here in our beautiful village of West Markham. Despite our concerns, the weather held and although the sun wasn’t shining, it didn’t actually rain thank goodness, although there were some wonderful brollies and matching wellington boots all lined up at the ready! The flowers were very traditional, blush pink, old fashioned tea roses, thistles, herbs, daisies and night scented stocks filled the church with their heady aroma. Ours is an exquisite church, steeped in history and there was an air of excitement as we waited for the bride to arrive. The pews were lined with family and friends, the girls chatting animatedly in excited whispers, their hats and fascinators of all colours, shapes and sizes bobbing up and down and seeming to have a life all of their own. After a few nervous glances, and a rather worried looking Gee, the sound system eventually burst into life and the music heralded the arrival of the bridal party, Martin who had looked very pale and nervous got a bit of colour back, Sue (Aimee’s mother) looked fabulous in a black and white outfit which really suited her and the bridesmaids (Victoria, Katie and Natalie, Aimee’s sister) were in elegant, dark blue, satin and organza dresses. Aimee however, quite rightly stole the show, she looked stunning in a blush beige, full length lace dress and matching veil, she was accompanied by her very proud father Barry with not a blush in sight, he looked very happy but actually more ashen than beige!! Words ‘warm seat and paper in hand’ come to mind and I don’t mean his armchair and speech!

The wedding service was beautiful and expertly delivered by our wonderful vicar, Colin Wall, who manages to put everyone at ease with his charming sense of humour and despite Martin being a bit keen and jumping the gun with his “I Do” the ceremony went without a hitch!

As the newly weds were carefully driven back to the reception by cousin Chris Hewgill in his Model A Ford I couldn’t help thinking as they went down the cherry tree lined avenue to Aimee’s home, where the reception was to be held, it looked very appropriate with the cherry blossom falling onto their car like confetti, just like it had on the church steps as they left.

Lancaster Bomber

So, feeling pensive, after a very busy weekend here in West Markham with the wedding on Saturday and the Lancaster Bomber flying over yesterday to commemorate the memorial in the Mausoleum, I couldn’t help thinking what a great privilege it is to live in this wonderful village……it’s not so much its beauty, it’s much more than that, it’s the easy chat and jokes with our lovely neighbours, catching up with those who we haven’t seen for a few weeks, the DVD which recorded the proceedings yesterday which turned up on my desk this morning (thank you whoever that was) it is having a sense of belonging to a community, with everyone having a job to do and quietly getting on with it, not seeking any praise or reward, save that of knowing that they ‘they did their bit’, just as with the wedding, the family all pulling together as one life force and as a result, something truly memorable and remarkable happens.

Vikki’s Blog 15th May 2013

Spring seems to have finally arrived thank goodness, the grass is growing a little and the swallows are back!

Spring is HereWe’ve had lots of successes this month, Amelia has just found out that she’s passed her PTT, I’ve upgraded to List 4 judge and Matt has had his first book published. It’s on sale on Amazon and available in paperback or electronic forms. It’s called Witch Angel and Warrior King and has had some super reviews.

Clients continue to do well too! Mandy Denley and Binks had terrific scores at Hargate, 1st with 76.66% in the Preliminary 13 qualifier and another 1st in the Novice 27 (training) with 67.9%. I wish Mandy the best of luck in the Regional Dressage Championships next weekend, let’s hope the northern teams do well.

JenniferBaker with Skerne Skyvara (Hattie) at
Richmond equestrian centre on the 27th April, a very impressive 2nd with 62% in the Elementary 50 and 57% in their first ever Medium! A super result as Hattie not always the easiest of mares and needs a really sensitive and educated rider. Sunday 12th May……1st with 62% in the elementary this time it was Louis’ turn. Jennifer said he came back at her a bit in 2nd half but the Medium was much better and he got 61% with eight 7’s and also two 4’s! A really good result again for Jennifer.

Tracey, who always tells me she can’t compete, completed both of her tests. Stayed in arena even though Thyme was very spooked. They did Intro A and got 66.5% and 2nd place, with A Peel judging. Then Intro B with 66.08% and got 1st. L. Tolan judging. Tracey said she was “totally buggered but elated”. Brilliant!!!!

Chatsworth Horse Trials is on this weekend coming, I’m judging, but it’s an early start! The first horse comes down the centre line at 8am! Then in the evening we have a champagne reception hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, hopefully I’ll be able to stay awake!

The weekend of the 17th and 18th of May will be a busy one, my niece Aimee is getting married on the 17th and then on Sunday we have a Lancaster Bomber flying over the Mausoleum in Milton. This is to commemorate the death of a young 22 year old bomber pilot and the six members if the crew who were also killed, when their plane crashed on the top of the hill in the field by the Mausoleum on the 2nd of December 1943. The pilot was trying to land at Gamston in thick fog, but ran out of fuel, he’d tried to land at Ossington but over shot the runway, he then tried to get to Gamston and you know the rest.

If anyone wants to come and see the Lancaster fly past, it will be coming over the Mausoleum on the 18th of May at 11.15. Everyone is welcome; proceedings will start at 11.00 at the Mausoleum.

Finally, look out for Your Horse Magazine again this month, we’ve been working on an article which is going to print on exercises you can do with your horse both in the school and out on a hack to improve your horse’s performance.

Keep letting me have your results and successes!

Vikki x

First Aider at Work Course

Interested in taking your First Aider at Work Course? I currently have 3 people on a waiting list wanting to do theirs, as soon as we have sufficient candidates, we’ll get a course organised here at College Farm. Can you let me know if you would be interested in taking yours and suitable times, days, evenings that it would suit you to attend. It can be done in an evening, it’s a 4 day course and the cost will depend on how many candidates we have, but it will be approximately £100.00 to £140.00.

Safeguarding Children Workshop

Get your applications in for the Safeguarding Children Workshop, details and application form on the BHS web site. All applications have to be in this coming Wednesday, we currently only have 3 applicants and is looking as though it may have to be cancelled. We don’t have many workshops in our area and we don’t have another one planned till the end of the year, so get your applications in to the British Horse Society by Wednesday 24th April. Course date 29th April, 2013 Brookhouse Farm, Lincoln, LN11 9XY

Congratulations to Many Denley and Binks

Many Denley and Binks had a very successful weekend at Vale View on Sunday 14th April, winning both their classes,the prelim 14Q on a massive 82% and even managing to score a perfect 10 and they then went on to win the prelim 15Q on 76.52%!! Incredible scores, Well Done to both of you, fantastic!!

Latest News…

I was supposed to be the BE coach and judge at Draycott horse trials 1, this is now cancelled (too waterlogged to run) but hopefully Draycott 2 will be going ahead in the 8th of June.

Mock BHS Stage 4 exam here tomorrow going ahead as planned.


Vikki’s Blog 24th March 2013

Frost glistening on the branches on the trees on the laneWell snow has rather put a spanner in the works and finances are somewhat wrecked due to all the cancellations! No lessons again this weekend, due to the heavy snowfall, not to mention the extreme cold horses and humans alike are having to out up with. Enough of my moaning, there have been some positives over the last few weeks….a couple of superb lessons with Stephen Clark, courtesy of the ABRS Jeffres Trust Bursary, which I was so fortunate and honoured to be awarded last year.  Pedro (Markham Sultan) seems to be finally free of his cracked heels, they have been so sore, it’s been heartbreaking seeing him struggle, but there’s a definite improvement and I’m sure his ‘silver boots’ have helped! Our next hurdle is to make sure that we stay well out if the way of this Equine Herpes Virus, and for that reason, we’ve pulled out of the PSG PetPlan Championships at Hartpury, with the outbreak just a short distance away from Hartpury, I felt I didn’t want to risk it! It’s very disappointing, but hopefully we will be there next year.

Judging is in full swing, I’ve been asked to judge in Jersey which is very flattering and something I shall look forward to as I’ve never been to Jersey before.

Lincoln Horse Trials stood up well to the snow and rain, it was cold sitting in the car for 30+ tests, but we had a very enjoyable morning and superb lunch, with good company! Oasby Horse Trials was challenging, especially as the wheel on my car got cracked and Les and I had to swap vehicles! Much to my amazement and to everyone else’s, the Merc battled through the inches high mud and snow and never got stuck once! We did have an hour’s wait to get out though, as all the lorries had to be towed in and out and various vehicles got stuck, blocking the road.  It was fun and games for the several tractor drivers who were kept very busy throughout the day!

I spent an excellent day at Jenny Ward’s centre at Brampton.  David Hunt was teaching, there were some super combinations and as usual, Jenny excelled herself on the hospitality front, with Easter cakes and heaps of chocolate biscuits.

Last Wednesday was the Judges Convention at Bury Farm, again a very informative and interesting day, just the travelling that was difficult with the weather! Snow storms accompanied us all the way down! Hopefully the Regional Reps meeting at Stoneleigh this week won’t be too affected by the weather and will go ahead as planned.

Future events…….Withcote Horse Trials 6th and 7th of April.  I’m really looking forward to this as I’m judging on the Saturday and then I’ve been asked to be the BE Trainer again for the event on the Sunday, it was glorious weather last year and I was concerned I was going to get sun stroke! I wonder what this year will bring, melting temperatures or snow blizzards? Who knows! I’m also looking forward to judging at Chatsworth Horse Trials on the 11th May, the area dressage qualifiers at Sheepgate in June and the BYRDS Inter-Regional Squad Competition at Keysoe, on Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 June.

At home it’s all been happening, Emma and Richard are back from South Africa, so its been lovely to catch up again and remember with them our fabulous time as their guests at their wonderful farm, though I think like me, they must be missing the glorious South African sunshine!

Aimee, my niece, is getting married in May, so we’ve had Aimee’s hen do.
We’ve had the police waking us up at 7am in the morning as a car had skidded and come through the hedge! The poor ponies were a bit traumatised and we had to get the fence repaired pretty quickly, but fortunately the driver was unhurt!

Elvis, the canary, has been being hunted by a Sparrow Hawk, who seemed unaware of the presence of the glass in the conservatory! Actually, come to think of it, Elvis didn’t seem to realise that there was glass there to protect him either! He was very shaken and all of a flutter! He seems much happier now though, Matthew bought me a canary hen for Mother’s Day and we introduced them to one another yesterday.  It was love at first sight and yes, you’ve guessed it, her name is Priscilla!

Matt is about to publish his book ‘Witch Angel and Warrior King’ it will be a real treat if you read it and available in the next few days on Amazon in Kindle form, so look out for it folks.
One of the bigger frozen lakes at the wildlife sanctuary
I am very happy to say that I managed to complete my 50km run for Children in Need, thanks to my very generous friends who sponsored me, I should say us, as Joe and Winnie did it with me, we managed to raise £166.00, which with Gift Aid, added up to a marvellous £205.00, £105.00 over my target, so I was thrilled and quite overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity! You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough.

It’s certainly been a busy few weeks, but despite the weather, a productive few weeks too.